Baggy Spandex

my name is eby and i live in nyc. i am a thinker and a doer.

There were a few logs floating around in Cherokee Sink to use for support.

Wakulla Springs tried spreading stories about the water at Cherokee Sink being contaminated as propaganda to scare people out of swimming there.

While Wakulla Springs cleaned up all the broken glass (created by rednecks throwing their empty beer bottles out their trucks) and trash, things became less fun at Cherokee. But years back, when it was discovered that there needed to be bathroom facilities if people where to swim, Wakulla Spings didn’t want to spend the money, so they pulled out of Cherokee and posted signs telling people not to swim. That, obviously, didn’t work.

I brought an underwater camera with me (which was expired).

Back in high school, there used to be a perfect rope swing from a tree, in just the right spot, that would swing you way out into the middle of the sinkhole. But then Wakulla Springs acquired Cherokee and cut down the rope…but people kept putting new ones up until they just cut down the tree entirely. We found this small, random rope swing in one of the trees and decided to give it a go.

Cherokee Sink Hole is a pretty large, beautiful sink hole tucked away in the woods in Wakulla, Florida. I used to go there a lot as a teenager but haven’t been in many years. Clare and I took an impromtu trip there after stopping by the flea market on my trip there a few weeks ago. It was her first time.

The beaches on the Gulf of Mexico are so beautiful. They are definitely the best beaches in Florida, something that the beaches on the Atlantic have nothing on. St. George Island, Summer 2014. 

It turns out the sea turtle we saw was caught in this fisherman’s line. It’s flipper had the line wrapped around it, so Gabby helped him get it free.

We saw this sea turtle pop up near us in the water. 

Orly floating. Shane, Ben, and Clare looking at a live sand dollar. Shane and Ben, BFFs. 

Ben Kilpatrick was in Tallahassee (from Long Beach) at the same time.

Ben Kilpatrick was in Tallahassee (from Long Beach) at the same time.

Just like the old days, driving to St. George Island to hang at the beach for the day with good friends…

Flying over the ocean and jumping in the water far from the shore were all so fun. Florida is chill sometimes…

Hold the throttle down.

Racing and junk.